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The journey of Kiziwa is a testament to the global journey of coffee itself.


Starting in 2019, the visit to Saveur Du Kivu marked the beginning of an adventure that would take Congolese coffee from the rich, volcanic soils of eastern Congo to the bustling markets of the Middle East and beyond.


The unique topography of the region, coupled with the dedication of local farmers, results in a coffee that stands out in the global market.

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Recognizing the growing demand for premium coffee in the Middle East, Kiziwa saw an opportunity to bridge the gap between the Congo's rich coffee heritage and the sophisticated palate of Middle Eastern coffee connoisseurs.

This vision was brought to life by Fatouma Lokembo, a former civil engineer with deep roots in the Middle East, who established Kiziwa's branch in Dubai's DMCC Coffee Centre in 2020.

The success of Kiziwa's first shipment in 2021 was just the beginning. Since then, the company has been a reliable supplier of green coffee beans to specialty roasteries across Qatar and the UAE, contributing to the region's burgeoning specialty coffee scene.


Now, in 2024, Kiziwa embarks on a new chapter, partnering with Replica Roasters to expertly roast its own coffee. This collaboration marks Kiziwa's expansion into Europe, initiating with Belgium—a country with a complex and intertwined history with the Congo.

This expansion not only represents growth for Kiziwa but also signifies a new era of recognition for Congolese coffee farmers and their exceptional produce on the world stage. Kiziwa's story is one of connection, heritage, and the unifying power of coffee. 

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